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The Important Role of Growth Hormone

As the name suggests, growth hormone has a very big influence on the growth process. This hormone plays a role in ensuring children grow and develop normally according to their age. However, the function of growth hormone is not just that. Growth hormone is produced naturally by the pituitary gland or the pituitary in the brain. This hormone is produced more at night than during the day. According to research, levels of growth hormone in the body will increase during childhood and reach a peak when entering puberty. After that, the level of this hormone will stabilize in adulthood, then it will decrease when entering middle age. Growth Hormone Function As mentioned earlier, growth hormone has a major influence on the growth and development of children. But not only that, this hormone also has many other functions, such as: Regulates the metabolism of carbohydrates and fat inside Maintaining heart and brain function. Maintaining healthy muscles and bones, and body fluid balance
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Pus Coming Out, Wary Of Some Of These Diseases

Pus discharge is a symptom of a disease, such as a sexually transmitted disease (STD) or urinary tract infection. This condition is usually accompanied by other complaints, namely pain in the penis or pain when urinating. Pus discharge from the penis is a condition that needs to be treated immediately by a doctor. The penis is a male sex organ that is part of the reproductive system and urinary system. It is through the penis, a man's body expels toxins and excess fluid through urine, and sperm and semen that play a role in the fertilization process. Because of this function, it is fitting for penis health and hygiene to be properly maintained. A normal penis will not secrete pus. When pus comes out, or a thick white liquid, yellow, greenish, or reddish like blood from the penis, then this condition indicates a health problem or disease that attacks the male sex organs. Causes of Pus Exit There are several diseases that can cause the penis to leak out, including: 1. Gonorrhe

Understanding Antigens and Their Effects in the Immune System

Antigen is a substance that can stimulate the immune system or the immune system to produce antibodies as resistance, which is a form of body protection against antigens. Bacteria, viruses, and other harmful substances such as chemicals, are classified as antigens for the human body. The immune system considers antigens as foreign substances that can threaten our body. Antigens generally come from outside the body through food, drinks, dirt, dust, and various things in the surrounding environment. In addition, antigens are also found in tissues and cells in the body, including cancer cells. Relationship of Antigens and Antibodies As explained above, antibodies are part of the immune system that acts as a bulwark to protect the body from the threat of viruses, bacteria, germs, and substances that cause infection and disease. Antibodies will be produced by the immune system according to the amount of antigen. Antibodies have a specific form of antigen to be opposed. It is intended